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Mengxin's Hidden Mangoes

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Fan Mengxin and her family’s challenges can be seen in this scenario: having to hide mangoes from her siblings so she can have them.

Like any other 9-year-old girl, Fan Mengxin from Jiangxi, China aspires to live a typical life with her parents and family: waking up to an appetizing meal, coming home from school to watch television, celebrating festivals with new clothes. However, the poverty of her village, situated in the rural agricultural domains of Jiangxi, leaves her father without work and unable to support Mengxin in how he might have wished. This led him to move to an entirely different city, away from Mengxin’s grandparents, siblings and herself, making them a few of the 70 million children in rural China who have been separated from their parents.

Growing up without a father figure, Mengxin and her siblings have to teach themselves such values as discipline and integrity. Due to his work, he never had any time to visit home, though he often talked to them over the phone. This left Mengxin’s grandparents the ones to take care of her and her two older brothers.

In Mengxin’s poverty-ridden village, Mengxin’s family struggles to afford sufficient food for all. One of the memories that Mengxin holds most dear to her is when her grandmother bought mangoes and hid it from her brothers so she could have them all, revealing just how precious food is to someone in rural China compared to people living in first-world-countries.

With the lack of funds, her family is also unable to bear the expense of healthcare. As seniors, her grandparents become more frail and weak. Whereas a typical 9-year-old would be having fun with their friends, in contrast, Mengxin studies and studies, in hopes that she will one day be able to provide for her family.

Mengxin currently studies at Yang Lin Ai Xin Primary School, a school in which our English Education team teaches at. Following EFA’s curriculum taught by our teachers, Mengxin is able to learn English by improving on her speaking, reading and listening skills. With these life-long language skills, she’ll be able to expand her horizon of careers and work more efficiently, striving towards achieving her goal of providing for her family in the future.

To help support underprivileged students like Mengxin, consider donating to our financial support funding program or becoming part of our organization!

These donations will go into providing classroom technology, resources and scholarships to underprivileged students in their journey to pursue higher education.

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