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Our Community of Volunteers

Uniting over 100 volunteers from all across the globe, our student-led volunteer community at EFA work together towards our collective goal of poverty alleviation.

Hear From Our Volunteers

I joined in May because of my passion for education equity, to help overcome social barriers and to give everyone an opportunity, no matter your socioeconomic status.

Financial Department Volunteer

Ashwin S.
I ended up joining because the reason for EFA as an organization and the purpose of my work really mattered to me: I feel like I am helping people who need it, which makes me feel good.
Howard W.

Curriculum Team Volunteer

I’m excited to see EFA continue to operate and settle in with the structure, as well as witness more of its growth and work with kids from the newer branches. 

Marketing Department Volunteer

Annabelle W.
I am excited to see where EFA is going to go because I witnessed the huge expansion of volunteers and class branches since I first joined EFA.
Brian L.

Teaching Team Volunteer

To learn more about their EFA experience

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Our Community Anchor
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