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Our EDGE Mentorship Program

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Every child needs a listening ear. Our EDGE Mentors provide an ear and a shoulder to lean on.

The EDGE (Emotional Development Guarantees Excellence) Program targets our mentees – the most vulnerable children of rural communities (left-behind-children, orphans, students coming from abusive households) – to develop soft skills such as active listening, communication, and critical thinking through a peer mentorship program advised by a professional psychologist.

EDGE Mentorship Page

Forging close, positive bonds with students is the priority in the EDGE Mentorship program. Trained by a certified psychologist, volunteers learn how to implement skills with the hopes of teaching students valuable life skills to help them to...

break free from the poverty trap.

break free from the poverty trap.

In addition to our weekly mentorship sessions, our EDGE mentees also received scholarships funding the rest of their primary to middle school tuition. Our team also donated laptops to the school in order to make technology accessible for mentees.
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Create a direct impact on a child’s life through your compassion and mentorship.

Step 1

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Explore our available volunteer opportunities.

Step 2

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Complete your application.

Step 3

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Onboard our team and start creating tangible impact!





Every week, EDGE provides companions for kids who have lost a parental figure as a lack of parental validation can destroy self-love and self-confidence. Our peer support not only encourages one to be confident, but also inspires positive views on living.




EDGE helps build up students’ communication skills to teach students how to overcome conflicts, misunderstanding, and alienation. Our volunteers who have been trained by professional psychologists can create a unique learning plan for each student according to their personalities and preferences. This personalized approach can create a more comfortable environment for kids to practice. In EDGE, even though there is mentor and mentee, they are best friends for each other.
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Gaining a wider worldview not only encourages kids to be open-minded but also develops their creativity. Interacting with mentors who share different life experiences than them, children can acknowledge the infinite possibilities in life and eventually carve out their own path.
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