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Open Positions

MARKETING: Graphic Designer*

Our Graphic Designers create attractive and impactful visual content that is delivered to EFA’s social media audiences in their final form. In this position, Graphic Designers work very closely with EFA’s Digital Artists, where they help finalize and prepare the posts that go up on our social media platforms being Instagram, Medium, Facebook, and much more. Graphic Designers are also expected to attend weekly meetings with the complete Graphics Team (digital artists & mentors) over Zoom. The time commitment for Graphic Designers is 3-6 hours/week. The prerequisites are as followed: (***No language requirements)

  • Ability to use Adobe XD or quickly adapt to it.
  • Previous experience with Adobe (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).
  • Experience in flyer or web design; overall graphic design skills.
  • The ability to express creativity, effective communication skills, and open-mindedness.
  • A 1-10 piece portfolio submitted in the initial application.
  • Not a requirement, but encouraged: Familiar with website design through Wix.
For direct inquiries about the Graphic Designer position, please contact or for more information.

MARKETING: Creative Content Writer*

Creative Content Writers, whether in the Speakers for Education Team or Promotional Content Team, build the power and cement of the stories, messages and operation insights we want to share about EFA and the education system. By applying as a Content Writer, you will be evaluated and considered for either team placements. Promotional Content Writers In the Promotional Content Team, writers will collaborate with other content creators across EFA to form compelling narratives that promote our mission, operations and volunteer community. In this position, writers will utilize creative and effective methods of communicating our mission, vision and operations to our audience on social media. Writers will also collaborate with others in group discussions to develop content campaigns and promote operation-relative initiatives such as fundraisers and recruitment. Speakers for Education (SPE) In our Speakers for Education Team (SPE), writers will create content that challenges current education systems and the student experience as a whole. In this position, writers will create Instagram posts, articles and infographics on education and the student experience. Writers will also get the change to collaborate in group discussions, receive and implement feedback from their peers. The prerequisites are as followed:

  • The ability to write fluently in English with skill and technique. Able to write both academically and creatively to fit target audience.
  • Collaborative and teamwork skills.
  • Provide progressive feedback to other and improve on the feedback they receive.
  • The ability to think critically, creatively, and reflectively upon the events and topics at hand.
  • Show passion for education and poverty alleviation; the ability to lead and participate in discussions.
  • Not a requirement, but highly encouraged: Knowledge in creative writing, marketing, journalism and/or graphic design.
For direct inquiries about the Creative Content Writer position, contact or to connect for a response.

MARKETING: Video Production Team Member

Our Video Production Team Members help create high-quality and passion filled content for promotional and creative aspects of EFA content. In this position, members will focus on writing, filming and editing videos with a needed proficiency in all subject matters. Members will also get to work on interdepartmental projects, along with working closely with the Promotional and Speakers for Education team. Volunteers in this position are expected to attend weekly meetings over Zoom. Time commitment within the Video Production Team is around 3-5 hours a week. The prerequisites are as followed:

  • Fluency in English; written and spoken
  • Proficiency in Scripting and filming videos
  • Strong communication skills
  • Not a requirement, but encouraged: Ability to use professional software such an Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X and/or Magic Davinci Resolve
For direct inquiries about the Video Production Team Member position, contact for more information.

FINANCIAL: Sponsorship and Partnership Seeker

Volunteers on the Sponsorship and Partnership team reach out to potential corporate sponsors and clients to seek partnerships for EFA. They also secure revenue to cover EFA’s internal costs, expand its mentorship initiative, and provide scholarships to students attending our partner schools. In this position, volunteers will conduct market research and email prospective sponsors (companies/non-profit organizations/etc.), along with negotiating sponsorship agreements. Volunteers will also construct legal documents and expand the EFA benefactor list. Volunteers in this position are also expected to attend weekly meetings over Zoom. The time commitment within the Sponsorship and Partnership team is 3-4 hours per week. Prerequisites are as follows:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills in a professional setting
  • Ability to think innovatively and learn quickly
  • Strong writing skills (both formal and academic)
  • Strong relationship building skills
For direct inquiries about the Sponsorship and Partnership Seeker position, please contact for more information.

FINANCIAL: Microfinance Team Member

Microfinance Team Members will teach hard and soft skills for our stakeholders in China to support their entrepreneurial aspirations. In this position, the team will empower these individuals economically and socially to expand their own enterprises and how to establish economic stability in their impoverished communities. Members are expected to attend weekly team meetings through Zoom. The time commitment for a microfinance member is around 5-7 hours a week. The prerequisites are as followed:

  • Fluency in Mandarin and English, Proficiency in English is also accepted.
  • The ability to effectively and efficiently communicate, whether that would be with team leads or stakeholders.
  • The ability to empathize with our borrower’s unique perspectives and needs .
  • Strong critical thinking skills.
For direct inquiries about the Microfinance Team Member position, please contact for more information.


EFA Teachers educate the students at our partner schools in China through live Zhumu calls, using the lessons designed by the Curriculum team. In this position, teachers will first go through a three-week intensive training period, which consists of 2 weekly workshops and a final evaluation. After this period, teachers will then conduct one live lesson a week with an assigned partner. Teachers are also expected to attend monthly team meetings over Zoom. The time commitment for a Teacher is 2-4 hours/week. The Prerequisites are as followed: Fluency in both English and Mandarin The ability to effectively communicate with teachers and parents in China through WeChat Collaborate with others in a team Express teaching ability (Passion, Patience, Enthusiasm, Clarity when Speaking)

Please contact for additional inquiries.

TEACHING & CURRICULUM: Curriculum Designer*

EFA Curriculum Designers create engaging lessons that are filled with activities and english grammar concepts taught to our partner schools in China. In this position, designers will do a variety of curriculum work including revamping, culture lessons, stories, and so much more. Depending on the week, a designer will be assigned 1-2 lessons to be created with a partner or team. Designers are also expected to attend weekly pod meetings over Zoom, dependent on the time that their assigned curriculum lead has set. The time commitment for a Curriculum Designer is 4-5 hours/week. The prerequisites are as followed:

  • A sample CURRICULUM slideshow lesson:
    • Please create a slideshow that demonstrates your bilingual abilities and ability to make engaging curriculum. Include the following vocabulary terms:
      • Who
      • What
      • When
      • Where
      • Why
      • How
    • Make your lesson as creative, educational, and aesthetic as possible! You may use sites like Slidesgo if you do not know graphic design. Please paste a sharable link to your slideshow in the relevant field on the application form.
  • Proficiency in both English and Mandarin.
  • Ability to type in Mandarin.
  • Collaboration skills in a team.
Please contact for additional inquiries.


EFA EDGE Mentors serve as counselors for our students and empathize with what they are feeling. Mentors will identify and educate values that are relevant to human psychological development, along with imparting valuable life lessons through interactive activities. In this position, mentors will first go through a three-month long training period, which will consist of weekly team meetings, biweekly psychology lessons, and online training assignments. Once completed, mentors will then call once per week with a student at one of our partner schools (grades 3-8). Mentors are also expected to attend weekly team meetings over Zoom. Time commitment for EDGE Mentors is 3-4 hours/week. PLEASE NOTE: EDGE Mentors are expected to remain in this role for AT-LEAST 1 school-year due to the nature of long-term support in this program. The pre-requisites are as followed:

  • Complete fluency in Mandarin.
  • Maturity to be able to provide enough emotional support.
  • Collaborative skills to work effectively in a team.
  • Persistent and passionate.
  • Ability to be compassionate, warm, fun, friendly and open-minded.
Please email general inquiries to

MARKETING: Social Media Manager

In our Social Media Management & Growth Team, you will work in a small team with other managers to oversee the long-term and organic growth of our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.). This position is more than replying to DMs or comments but an immersive and active role into digital marketing strategization, creating creative content for interactivity and engagement, and expressing our brand-image through multiple platforms with energy and niche. Your responsibilities consist of growing our audience, support, and reach online by marketing the content we produce in creative ways.
Time commitment: 3-4 hours per week. The prerequisites are as followed:

  • Fluency in English.
  • Experience with running & growing social media accounts in the past.
  • Ability to critically think as a marketer to strategize growth plans and campaigns.
  • Ability to be spontaneous and active with keeping up on managing multiple social media accounts with a team. Must be collaborative and a team-player but also individually driven and motivated.
For direct inquiries about the Social Media Manager position, please contact kellyjin@efaglobal for more information. SCROLL DOWN TO APPLY.

LEAD POSITION: Human Resources Lead (1 spot)

As EFA's Human Resource Lead, you support the foundation of our operations––our volunteer community. From our English lessons to EDGE Mentorship program, our student volunteers make our impact possible and yet, more importantly, the HR Lead ensures their recruitment, onboarding, and integration into our team. Our expanding operations (serving 1,400+ students in September) require passionate volunteers and so, effective methods to find them. In other words, the HR lead works towards a positive, fulfilling, and impactful volunteer experience at EFA that leaves our volunteers ready to charge forward and the communities we provide for––with the quality support they deserve. You will report directly to the Executive Director, work with volunteers, and lead your team to recruit high school and university students, design a smooth and efficient onboarding, application & other logistical processes, and plan fun & engaging events for our volunteer community. Your goal is to elevate our volunteer experience on these different levels to create an impact not only indirectly upon our vision towards education equality, but also creating an environment to mold our volunteers into change-makers of tomorrow. Where you will make an impact:

  • Manage and design EFA's recruitment and onboarding processes.
  • Strategize and implement a recruitment plan to fill volunteer positions and answer: How can we attract volunteers in quality and quantity?
  • Collaborate with leadership from each department in logistical processes and boost volunteer morale and community.
  • Work with the Executive Director to ideate EFA's ideal volunteer experience.
  • Identify opportunities and issues within the volunteer experience.
  • Create programs/initiatives that enhance volunteer satisfaction and track volunteer retention and application quantity metrics to guide towards success.
The ideal candidate has the/is...
  • Desire to pursue solutions for education inequality and empowerment; your values align with our mission and vision.
  • Drive and self-discipline to be proactive with the pursuit of HR's goals.
  • Ability to build strong relationships with other like-minded people; strong sense of empathy for others in order to address their experiences.
  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and through writing: Explaining complex concepts, confidence when speaking and engaging others.
  • Ability to project plan and organize, keep track of deadlines and use critical thinking skills to design creative plans towards tackling challenges.
  • Detail-oriented and focused on long-term impact.
Please contact for general inquiries about the position.

* You will be required to submit sample work in the applica for this position. 

Visit the FAQ page for more info about each position and the environment and goals at EFA!
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