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"Education for All's Mission is to provide students with opportunities unattainable from their current communities. Through the power of volunteerism and a diverse range of programs, we bring the world one step closer to educational equality."
Today's world is more connected than ever, yet many students still lack the most basic educational resources. Through our programs, rural students have experienced everything from...

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We believe that anyone with good intentions can make a difference, regardless of age, geographical location, or experience.

Our Impact So Far

Education For All Foundation's mission is to provide students with opportunities unattainable from their current communities. Through the power of volunteerism and a diverse range of programs, we bring the world one step closer to educational equality.

How can you become an EFA volunteer?

Remember to show your passion in your responses of the application! Keep in mind that we want you to show us how you'll help us achieve our mission. ​

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Volunteering at EFA

We operate in a completely virtual workspace that connects people from all over the world. In fact, we live in 7 time zones. Students are always looking for volunteer opportunities, but a lack of quality opportunities for students has turned volunteering into a checklist rather than meaningfully impacting people's lives. At EFA, we hope to defy these expectations by giving our volunteers the chance to impact the lives of real children.

Currently Open Positions

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ENGLISH EDUCATION: Curriculum Designer*

EFA Curriculum Designers create engaging lessons that are filled with activities and english grammar concepts taught to our partner schools in China. In this position, designers will do a variety of curriculum work including revamping, culture lessons, stories, and so much more. Depending on the week, a designer will be assigned 1-2 lessons to be created with a partner or team. Designers are also expected to attend weekly pod meetings over Zoom, dependent on the time that their assigned curriculum lead has set. The time commitment for a Curriculum Designer is 4-5 hours/week. The prerequisites are as followed:

  • A sample CURRICULUM slideshow lesson:
    • Please create a slideshow that demonstrates your bilingual abilities and ability to make engaging curriculum. Include the following vocabulary terms:
      • Who
      • What
      • When
      • Where
      • Why
      • How
    • Make your lesson as creative, educational, and aesthetic as possible! You may use sites like Slidesgo if you do not know graphic design. Please paste a sharable link to your slideshow in the relevant field on the application form.
  • Proficiency in both English and Mandarin.
  • Ability to type in Mandarin.
  • Collaboration skills in a team.
Please contact for additional inquiries.


EFA EDGE Mentors serve as counselors for our students and empathize with what they are feeling. Mentors will identify and educate values that are relevant to human psychological development, along with imparting valuable life lessons through interactive activities. In this position, mentors will first go through a three-month long training period, which will consist of weekly team meetings, biweekly psychology lessons, and online training assignments. Once completed, mentors will then call once per week with a student at one of our partner schools (grades 3-8). Mentors are also expected to attend weekly team meetings over Zoom. Time commitment for EDGE Mentors is 3-4 hours/week. PLEASE NOTE: EDGE Mentors are expected to remain in this role for AT-LEAST 1 school-year due to the nature of long-term support in this program. The pre-requisites are as followed:

  • Complete fluency in Mandarin.
  • Maturity to be able to provide enough emotional support.
  • Collaborative skills to work effectively in a team.
  • Persistent and passionate.
  • Ability to be compassionate, warm, fun, friendly and open-minded.
Please email general inquiries to

MARKETING: Video Production Team Member

Our Video Production Team Members help create high-quality and passion filled content for promotional and creative aspects of EFA content. In this position, members will focus on writing, filming and editing videos with a needed proficiency in all subject matters. Members will also get to work on interdepartmental projects, along with working closely with the Promotional and Speakers for Education team. Volunteers in this position are expected to attend weekly meetings over Zoom. Time commitment within the Video Production Team is around 3-5 hours a week. The prerequisites are as followed:

  • Fluency in English; written and spoken
  • Proficiency in Scripting and filming videos
  • Strong communication skills
  • Not a requirement, but encouraged: Ability to use professional software such an Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X and/or Magic Davinci Resolve
For direct inquiries about the Video Production Team Member position, contact for more information.

* You will be required to submit sample work in the application for this position. 
Visit the FAQ page for more info about each position.
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As cliché as it may sound, we aim for the sky. We truly believe that the power of volunteerism can bridge the divide in privilege and education. And as we tell our teammates, anyone is capable of making a change.

So join us. Help bring education to all.

So join us. Help bring education to all.