Education For All delivers English education to left behind children so they can take control of their future.

Break the poverty cycle one child at a time.


The Education For All Foundation unites bilingual volunteers from North America and around the world with underprivileged children in rural developing nations to teach English, provide emotional support mentorship, and financial support.

The Rural Education Gap

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Less than 5% of rural students in China are admitted to college...

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...compared to 70% of urban students.

- Stanford Rural Education Action Program

The poverty cycle runs rampant in rural communities and their youth grow up attending underfunded schools with underpaid teachers, ultimately receiving inadequate education that places them miles behind urban students...

Many of them, left-behind

Many of them, left-behind

At the end of 2010 in China, nearly 61 million left-behind children, 22% of all children in China, lost one or both parents to migration.

By 2019, this number rose to nearly 70 million left-behind children.

At Education For All...

We’re fighting for a world where the potential of rural children is unleashed.

We're fighting for a world where the potential of rural children is unleashed.


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$20k+ USD raised 

Since 2018, our China English Education Program operates in rural village schools across Jiangxi, Nanjing, Chongqing and Inner Mongolia teaching from grades 3 to 6.

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Our expansion of the English Education Program plans to reach schools in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Malaysia.

You are a part of the solution.

Join our team of volunteers!

Hailing globally from Canada and the U.S. all the way to Australia, our team is entirely student-run and student-led! Whether you’re in high school or college, there’s a place for you on our team where you can use your skills to change someone’s life.

Step 1

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Explore our available volunteer opportunities.

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Complete your application.

Step 3

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Onboard our team and start creating tangible impact!


Donate & Give Education

You have the power to change lives and dismantle the poverty cycle, one child at a time. 100% of proceeds go towards creating better futures. As we expand our reach even more, support from people like you grows essential for us to provide all we can to impoverished students globally.

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Supply technology, textbooks and classroom supplies to rural schools across China.

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Fund scholarships for impoverished left-behind-children to pursue high-school without the barrier of tuition fees. 


Go as far as to fund an impoverished student’s college education! 

Featured Quotes

“Putting their bilingual skills to use around the world… you’re really breaking that cycle of generational poverty and providing these kids with an opportunity for that much needed education.”


– CTV News EFA Feature 

“In response to the scarcity and inequality of education, EFA is a group of loving young people who are determined to use their own power to light up lives full of hope.”



– Sing Tao Canadian Metropolis Network Feature 



We believe that every child has a right to education, empowerment and exploration.

We strive towards  Education For All.