Our Founding

Our work at the Education For All Foundation began from the simple purpose to use our skills to improve the lives of others. In 2018, our founders took a mission trip to Ningxia, China and realized the severity of underfunding and inadequacy of English education faced by rural students.

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Realizing that bilingual North American students could provide English lessons of a higher quality than overworked teachers in rural schools...

EFA was born.

EFA was born



A child grows up in poverty


The impacts of poverty propels a relentless cycle entrapping millions of youth growing up in impoverishment and for rural children, life without education means unemployment and a life of hard, manual labour whether working on agriculture fields or in factories.


"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela

And that’s exactly the weapon we use to break the poverty cycle to leave no child left behind


Steps in the Poverty Cycle

Our Role in Breaking the Poverty Cycle

Expected Results


Receives inadequate education and develops poor learning habits

Spirit of Chess: Provides children in aimless lifestyles with something meaningful to reach for

Develops strong work ethic and lofty ambitions

"How can a bunch of teens create an actual tangible impact?"

It's because our team has the confidence to say...

We are simply doing our best to help others. Even though we are young, together, we can create genuine impact.

EFA will always remain youth-run. Before we enter the real world as adults who must entirely take care of ourselves, we have the opportunity to do something good for someone else. Contrary to popular belief, being young is our ultimate advantage.