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Updated: Jul 28

This is Ting Ting, a student in third grade LOVES to read. We met her during EFA’s 2019 trip to DaGouYan village. However, we realized that the severely underfunded education system in rural China is unable to provide quality education, as the local school lacks a curriculum beyond Chinese and Math. By surviving on subsistence farming, Ting Ting’s family is also unable to support her academic goals. After Ting Ting graduates in grade 6, she would not be able to attend high school and would have to stay home to help her family on the farm.

Dedicated to promoting educational equity, EFA provides English lessons that allow Ting Ting and her peers to communicate and interact with the world outside of her local village. With our funds, EFA also provides students like Ting Ting with STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS to continue their education beyond elementary school.

We will greatly appreciate your support in our mission to help children like Ting Ting. Please spread the word of our operations or donate to our cause and help us educate more children.


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