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May Volunteers of the Month

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

For the month of May, we have two Volunteers of the month, Jessie and Annabelle!

Jessie has been volunteering with EFA for close to a year. She displayed outstanding enthusiasm and dedication as both a teacher and a curriculum maker. Her growing confidence in the classroom not only encouraged students to participate, but also made challenges such as wifi problems quicker and easier to overcome. Jessie's continued excellence in making lesson plans continued even when she was a part of both the curriculum and teaching team, making her an essential member of the EFA community and a much deserved Volunteer of the Month!

Ever since Annabelle joined EFA over a year ago, she has shown remarkable dedication to her work as a member of both the marketing and teaching team. She is an eager learner, evident in her ability to quickly tackle a brand new design software (shoutout to @ryanhuangg for the crash course). As a natural team player, she is genuine and down to earth, often coming forward with her ideas for how the group can improve, while being open-minded and receptive to feedback from others. She is always willing to put in the time to perfect her designs, and has spent hours making small but impactful alterations to elements like background color and character spacing; no matter how seemingly tiny the detail is, she is on it. Thank you, Annabelle, for your patience, creativity, and unwavering commitment. You are undoubtedly a valuable part of the EFA community.

We really appreciate all the hard work that all our volunteers invest into EFA, and our monthly spotlight is an opportunity for us to really recognize and appreciate a select few volunteers for the dedication and passion they show for us.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for next month!

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