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June Volunteers of the Month

Read more about our two volunteers of the month: Sunny and Sophia!

Sunny is one of our oldest volunteers and has been with EFA since our earliest stages. Even from the beginning, her dedication to our organization and cause has been evident. Her communication and engagement with her team has been incredibly consistent and meaningful. Sunny’s lessons have pushed the boundaries of our design capabilities and curriculum standards, as her creativity and meticulousness has led to the creation of beautifully slide decks. Her creations often serve as templates for lessons to come, and have redefined our standards for excellence. The heart and time she puts into her work sets her up to be an invaluable team member.

Sophia is also one of our senior curriculum volunteers. Not only does she bring her eye for design and lesson creation to the table, she also brings positivity and excitement that often heightens the team dynamics of any team that she’s on. Sophia is someone that is able to create a fun and engaging atmosphere within the team while also producing incredibly high quality work. She never turns down opportunities to get more involved and to give back to our schools. For these reasons, she is one of our volunteers of the month.

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