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July Volunteers of the Month

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Read to learn about our two volunteers of this month, Eecho Yuan and Emily Ing!

Although Eecho only joined the EFA team two months ago, she has quickly grown from her initial  role as a graphic designer to becoming part of the teaching, promotional, wechat, website, and logistics teams.  Her commitment is not only evident in the breadth of her involvement, but also in the remarkable effort she puts into each of her roles; she always gives her all. She is an incredibly talented designer, always thinks outside of the box when brainstorming and creating content, and never hesitates to contribute her ideas or lend a helping hand to her teammates. Eecho is an integral part of every team she is involved with, and truly someone who we are lucky to work with. 

Emily is also a volunteer who puts her heart into her work. She is able to channel her natural talent for writing into consistently creating impactful content that effectively conveys and forwards EFA’s mission. Over the past month, she has worked tirelessly as part of the website, promotional, and educational content team in writing and directing engaging materials pivotal to our operations. She excels as a collaborative and ever-reliable teammate––she is always on top of it. For these reasons, Emily is a well-deserved volunteer of the month, and we are so excited to see what she creates next!  

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