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With the belief that education connects us all, our marketing department dives deep into a plethora of controversial educational issues. Through our various media platforms, we aim to provide unbiased facts in order for you to lead the discussion.


Our Voice on Education

At EFA, the spread of our voice on education is carried upon the shoulders of our marketing department, consisting of our Speakers For Education team writers, our graphic designers, digital artists, and video editors, who bring our ideas and concepts to full color and form. Our principal aim is to bring the conversation on education to the front step and conscience of all youth with our deep-dives into: education & poverty, educational inequality, diversity, and so much more. 

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Beyond informing our viewers directly of our teaching operations, adorable students, and behind the scenes––our Speakers For Education team identifies the pressing adversities present in our world, adversities explicitly relevant to the lives of today’s youth. Then, through articles, infographics, illustrations, and social media posts created by our talented and capable designers, our unbiased and reliable thoughts on education are brought to you. Given the facts and reality, our goal is for you to lead the discussion and for you to make your stance. 

With a completed three-part infographic series, a number of published articles on our Medium page, and new, relevant content being released on our Instagram page, we’re starting by bringing the unknown into the spotlight for discussion and calls to action. 

We believe that education connects us all from how it is taught, what we learn, and the impact it creates upon the individual.

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