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Who are Speakers for Education?

Our Speakers for Education Team believes quality education stems from more than just accessibility or funding and so, we challenge the status quo of North America’s education systems by starting with—‘why'?


As passionate students ourselves, we want to strip apart the student experience as we know it by questioning the way each of us is educated through our writing, videos, and posts.

As a Speaker for Education, you will create social media posts, write articles, create videos, design infographics, and use any other creative expression in our grasp to inspire students everywhere to improve their educational experiences by understanding both the barriers and opportunities that surround them.


Let’s seek opposition, non-complacency and ask the ‘why' that matters most.

Please contact for general inquiries or if you have further questions about applying to our Speakers for Education Team as a volunteer.

Check out our featured Speakers content at @efaglobal.

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