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Financial Support

Diligent, reliable and responsible volunteers secure as many financial opportunities and resources for EFA’s operations. Our financial department manages and funds our students’ educational success and reasonably distributes assets towards operational costs.

Our financial team is the backbone of EFA. Not only do we provide the funds needed for our branches to operate efficiently and effectively, we also make sure that our mission at EFA is expanded to a wider audience. Our goal is to secure as many financial opportunities and resource packages in order to facilitate our operations at EFA.

financial piggy.PNG
financial piggy.PNG

The financial team is broken into three groups: microfinance, fundraising, and sponsorships. These teams are led by the Financial Executive, who coordinates the two teams’ efforts and acts as the liaison between EFA and the world. 

The Microfinance Team coordinates the EFA x CD Finance (中和农信collaborative microfinance program, making financial support much more accessible to underprivileged families in rural China hoping to run small businesses and improve their situation.

The Sponsorships Team writes grant proposals and communicates EFA’s mission to prospective sponsors and foundations. Our sponsors include IRESS, Princeton's Wang Lab,  Sashido, Admissions Ally, etc.

The Fundraising Team creates and manages the GlobalGiving fundraising projects. The project manager also writes quarterly reports detailing EFA's fundraising progress and current financial initiatives.


Our three fundraisers have brought in a collective total of

$20,000+ USD

All our funds go towards our students’ educational success and operational costs. The former includes scholarships, stationary, and technology; the latter includes our monthly zoom costs and website subscription.

We believe that our consistency and dedication to EFA’s mission will bring financial support to our students and provide for their needs.

At EFA, we take pride in showing transparency in our operations and our financial details. We understand that our donors put a lot of trust into us to do good things with their money, and we want to show that at EFA, money changes lives.

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