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EDGE Mentorship

Forging close, positive bonds with students is the priority in the EDGE Mentorship program. Trained by a certified psychologist, volunteers learn how to implement skills with the hopes of teaching students valuable life skills to help them break free from the poverty trap.

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This program supports underprivileged kids (ie. orphans, coming from abusive families, impoverished and often famished, etc.) by forging a close, positive bond with them and teaching them soft skills such as                       emotional management, ambition and leadership. EDGE                                          mentorship also provides academic scholarships to the                                         mentored students.

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EDGE mentors train 3 times each week in the summer months leading up to the mentorship session. The first training day is a "personal development day," where a certified psychologist teaches how to properly implement skills such as active listening, effective communication, awareness, etc. into our daily lives. On the second training day, mentors are paired up with each other to practice the skills taught by our psychologist in meaningful 1-1 conversations. During the rest of the week, mentors individually hold online conversations with real people who need emotional support.

School Year

For the mentorship session during the school year, our goal is for the students to gain a compassionate listener, a role model, and most importantly a trusting friend. Each mentor meets with his/her student for an hour every week to share experiences and engage in activities. Their interactions involve everything from providing emotional support to working on a passion project. Through mentorship, we hope to teach our students valuable life skills that inspire them to break free from the poverty trap.

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