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Our Moon Project Program


Life isn't long enough for love and art.

- W. Somerset Maugham, The Moon and Sixpence

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In China, only 9.12% of all curricula in eastern China contain art. Art education is significantly understated, as art courses are "less important" and constantly being replaced by other "major" subjects. However, everyone needs art. Artistic imagination is integral to the human spirit and is an essential part of what makes us human. Art represents the freedom to observe, to express, and to participate in the reimagination of the world we dream about and the one we live in now. Many talented students must turn to flawed external art studios to pursue their artistic passions. These art prep institutions solely focus on passing tests rather than educating art and allowing students to create. Students' imagination, creativity, and passions are gradually extinguished until art becomes standardized answers rather than unique creations.

Why Art Education?


Art improves the performances across a variety of subject areas

The data from schools in the Turnaround Arts program suggests that, between 2011 and 2014, those schools have experienced a 22.5 percent and 12.6 percent improvement in math and reading proficiency.

Our Missions


We deny the utilitarian way of teaching art.


We cultivate aesthetics and the ability to appreciate.



We focus on the process of experiencing art rather than the result.


We offer a platform in educating the aesthetic appreciation and embracing and developing students' art identities during the experience.


We will offer students a new perspective to understand the world through art.


Value of Volunteering

Amplify the Voice of the Young Artists:

With the amazing talents of the volunteer teachers, we will also showcase the art works of these talented young artists in our marketing page. It is a great way to support them and make sure their artistic voices are heard.

Creating a Platform for Young Artists to Communicate:

Volunteers are able to talk to other volunteers who have the same passion for art, to share artistic experiences, and to communicate and support each other artistically. It is a really nice artistic community to meet the people who share the interests with you!

Deepen the Understanding of Art:

Teaching the materials often requires a deep understanding of the topic which will take time and effort for volunteers to prepare. It's a mandatory learning process, and it will expand volunteers' knowledge on various art topics.

EFA's Advantage

Selected Peer Teachers
Carefully Designed Curriculum
Opportunities to Be Showcased
Financial Support
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