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Our English Education Program

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Our English Education Program serves the impoverished, left-behind, and under-resourced school children of rural China. We partner with rural schools and work directly with their English departments to schedule classes during their English class time blocks.
English Education Anchor

After undergoing an intensive 2-month training process...


our program connects North American students...


as long-distance teachers...


who instructs weekly lessons...


for entire classes of rural students Grade 3-7 via video conference.

Why Teach English?

Job Market Advantage

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Exposure to Global Culture


Open International Opportunities


The EFA Difference

EFA teachers are North American high school and university students who are fluent in both English and Mandarin. Our volunteer teachers provide several advantages over alternatives.

Effective Peer Teachers

Studies show trained peer teachers are one of the most effective learning agents because they can empathize with fellow students far better than adult teachers.
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English Mastery

Our teachers speak English every day in conversation and understand the language far deeper than most teachers in China, many of whom first learned English in university.
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Completely Affordable

While foreign teachers are normally paid almost double the salary of local teachers, our free lessons save schools the need to further exhaust their budgets. However, we do not let our quality be compromised by our affordability.
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Enhanced Curriculum

Since China's English curriculum doesn't include the necessary material to produce students capable of prolonged conversation, EFA creates our own curriculum that heavily builds upon the required curriculum to ensure comprehensiveness.
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Our Reach

In our 2021-2022 school semester, we have reached...

40+ Weekly Lessons

​​We strive to bring globalized, quality education to students in all circumstances with a community of passionate volunteers.

Our Partnered Schools

Learn more about the students, learning conditions, and ways we help our partner schools!

Our partner schools serve the 'left-behind' children of local villages; these children have migrant-worker parents who are employed in large cities, and only visit their homes for a few months each year. Due to the remote location, the kids’ education is nowhere near the caliber of large, urban schools. Teachers come and go; a single teacher often teaches more than 3 subjects. Funding is scarce: the only computers the schools have are akin to Frankenstein’s Monster next to today’s sleek, lightning-fast models. With poor living conditions, little educational opportunities, and a lack of parental support, the left-behind children’s futures are dim. 

Our English Education program establishes a channel for students to open their eyes towards the global world. 

Wuhu Chisa School
120 Students
7 Classes
3rd - 6th Grade
First Primary School
6 Students
1 Class
5th Grade
Shaba Primary School
20 Students
1 Class
3rd Grade
Ling Xia Elementary School
30 Students
2 Classes
1st - 4th Grade
Tang Li Elementary School
30 Students
2 Classes
4th - 6th Grade
Shangrao Wangcun Middle School
150 Students
6 Classes
7th Grade
Shan Di Elementary School
50 Students
4 Classes
1st - 4th Grade
Yang Lin Ai Xin Primary School
30 Students
2 Classes
1st - 5th Grade
Shangwang Elementary School
80 Students
4 Classes
3rd - 6th Grade
Jingyou Elementary School
20 Students
1 Class
1st-5th Grade
Xinzhou Liujiang Primary School
25 Students
2 Classes
4th - 5th Grade


Put your bilingual skills to use and join our team as a teacher!

Step 1

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Explore our available volunteer opportunities.

Step 2

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Complete your application.

Step 3

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Onboard our team and start creating tangible impact!

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