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What is their learning environment like?

In the small elementary school of DaGouYan village, the students have limited exposure to the outside world. Their teachers are outnumbered, while students rarely get to use the single lab filled with outdated computers that do not have stable internet access. When the students aren’t at school, they don’t have the resources to continue their academic pursuits.

how we help 

EFA currently provides an English curriculum for the third and fourth graders in DaGouYan village. Our team of tutors is put on a rotating schedule. Lessons are held for an hour, twice a week, and each conducted by an of pair tutors. 

We prepare our own interactive lesson plans, presentations for class, and supplementary materials in order to bring the students a dynamic learning experience.


  If you are fluent in both Chinese and English and are willing to dedicate your time, apply now! 


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