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Education For All Foundation (EFA) consists of a group of high school students who strongly believe in the merits of educational equity. EFA offers life-changing opportunities to underprivileged children by providing free, online English lessons to impoverished schools. Learning English is a valuable opportunity for students in unfortunate circumstances to engage with the western world and alleviate poverty.

Why Educational equity Matters


Education can change the world.

As children learn, their minds expand and their eyes are opened. The more someone understands the world, the more opportunities they have to experience life at its fullest. 

Girl Running in Field at Sunset


Education combats poverty. 

With education comes opportunity. This becomes helpful when it comes to job opportunities. Higher education opens doorways to a wider range of jobs and occupations for the ability to change the cycle of poverty for their families.



Education promotes health. 

When children are introduced to more concepts, they understand the importance of wellness. They are encouraged to be more healthy and nutritious to lead a better lifestyle.

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson


Education changes the future. 

Providing a better path to our future children positively affects those surrounding them, including their friends, families, and communities. The world becomes a brighter place as more children are educated. We support education for children specifically because our future depends on them. 

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