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March Volunteer of the Month

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

March's volunteer of the month is Leo Dong!

Leo is exceptionally passionate about EFA. Last summer, he travelled to Ningxia, where he quickly stood out as a volunteer. His natural ability to teach, combined with his contagious enthusiasm, quickly made him one of the students' favorite teachers. After coming back from the trip, Leo started an EFA branch at his school, overcoming the hurdles to establish a new club and gained five very active members for EFA.

In one lesson, Leo taught a class with a new volunteer. Leo expertly guided the volunteer through the class, serving as an excellent model for the volunteer to learn from and making the class a huge success. Leo also recently decided to become more involved in EFA, joining the curriculum team and assisting more in various EFA endeavors.

Thank you for your contributions so far, Leo! We're excited to see what will come from your increased commitment.

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