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Our Speakers For Education

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

What are our Speakers For Education all about?

Our Speakers are part of a new marketing initative that will highlight education-related themes through mini-series of articles, infographics, and videos.

Our goal is to spark conversations about the way we are educated and the role education plays in our lives.

What problem are we addressing?

The North American education system has not evolved for decades in the time that society has dramatically transformed-this inelasticity results in relatively unknown shortcomings of the system's ability to educate.

Education in North America has strayed in the wrong direction for decades. The system fosters "studying" instead of "learning". In short, education in North America has yet to become a reliable public good. Unfortunately, the education system in North America is considered high-quality compared to many other nations.

How are we addressing it?

Speakers encourage people to question the way that they are educated by challenging modern education through media platforms. Speakers create media that prompt reflection on education and provide ideas to improve individual learning.

We will be publishing monthly mini-series with about one series per week! They will be accessible through the On Education tab of our website. Our very first series has already been completed, and it focuses on the relationship between Education and Poverty.

Some upcoming topics we will cover are different approaches to education, diversity in a learning environment, learning soft skills vs hard skills, and many more!

Stay tuned for for engaging content on the way!

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