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Our EDGE Mentorship Program

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

What is our EDGE Mentorship program all about?

EDGE (Emotional Development Guarantees Excellence) is our newest initiative led by our financial team that will directly benefit the students we teach in rural areas. Along with providing student scholarships, EDGE will provide quality emotional guidance that many students in poverty are lacking.

What problem are we addressing?

Inequality is an inevitability in society. While most nonprofits address monetary inequality, EFA aims to help the psychologically underprivileged. Untreated mental health issues can often ruin lives and lead to physical health problems.

Underprivileged kids are more disadvantaged than simply lacking money. Children grow up suffering from mental health problems that remain for a lifetime due to various parental and societal factors, relegating them to a life of suffering.

How are we addressing it?

EDGE Mentors help students at schools like our Jiangxi branch develop healthily by learning soft skills and life lessons, which provide an infinite amount of returns. Our team will work with qualified volunteers and professors experienced in emotional development to create the best interactions and improvements possible.

Our upcoming operations in EDGE Mentorship are still being developed as of now, but we hope to get our operations formally rolling by the start of the 2020 school year!

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