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November Volunteer of the Month

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Congratulations to this month's volunteer in the spotlight: Harvey Wang!

Harvey contributes a significant amount to EFA. He is EFA's Chief Communications Officer, a key member in the curriculum team, and a branch leader of the Jiangxi school. These positions mean that he has numerous duties, including managing EFA's social media, creating lessons, and ensuring that the operation of the Jiangxi branch runs smoothly. Although he is new to all his leadership roles this year, Harvey has successfully adapted to these roles and continues to be an integral part of EFA.

EFA would like to recognize Harvey's efforts to train our newer teachers. During November, Harvey supervised numerous new volunteers as some of them taught their first lessons to the Jiangxi branch. Harvey was always there to help train the volunteers before the lessons, spectate the lesson, and ready to step in during the lesson if needed. His help improved the teaching of many of our volunteers without sacrificing the quality teaching expected of EFA.

Thank you, Harvey, for all the hard work you put into EFA! Keep it up!

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