These four operations are the essential building blocks for EFA to complete and expand our vision and mission.



 We strive to bring globalized, quality education and personal guidance to our students. Our English classes have a relaxed yet scholarly atmosphere, with students engaging in proactive learning through discussions and activities as well as lectures.



At EDGE mentorship, we essentially give our underprivileged students a big, fat virtual hug to provide them the support and confidence they need to break free from the poverty trap.

Our Voice

on Education

Our voice on education is both of EFA, and of its passionate youth whose ultimate goal is to educate and spark conversation on education. Writer, thinker, or designer, we believe to create change is to start discussion, and to start discussion is to, before all, know.



We are the backbone of EFA. Through grants, sponsorships, and other initiatives, we provide the funds needed for our operations and students’ education. We make money moves.

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