Financial Transparency

At EFA, we take pride in showing transparency in our operations and our financial details. We understand that our donors put a lot of trust into us to do good things with their money, and we want to show that at EFA, money changes lives.


Last updated November 2nd, 2020.

Current Revenue Sources

EFA raises funds from the various sources outlined below. 

GlobalGiving Crowdfundraising

GlobalGiving is an international crowdfunding platform dedicated towards providing nonprofits with the necessary resources to fundraise. EFA fundraises on GlobalGiving for its various expenditures for the purpose of achieving our mission.

Current Expenditures

Below are EFA’s current donation allocations. The duration of these expenditures are tied into their respective programs or are single occasions.

EDGE Scholarship Fund

EFA’s EDGE Mentorship program helps left-behind children develop into mentally healthy adults by providing an older-sibling-like figure in the form of a volunteer mentor. However, EFA wishes to provide not only psychological benefits, but also financial support. Thus, every student in the EDGE program will also receive a $125 USD scholarship towards their academic fees that will alleviate some financial pressure off of their guardian, who must work to provide for his/her family.


No funds have been allocated yet. Planned allocations in March 2021.

Partner School Financial Support

Despite federal government efforts, local governments in many parts of rural China misuse funds, which results in a lack of funding for education. EFA ensures that our partner schools have the necessary resources in order to not only facilitate EFA’s English classes, but also to run other standard school classes. Thus, EFA donates stationery, technology, books, and much more so that our schools are supported.

Donation to Tian Li Elementary School 汪村田里小学 in Jiangxi

Contribution Total: ¥3627 ($552.62 USD)

Figure 1&2: video camera; printer and photocopier

Donation to Ling Xia Elementary School 煌固镇岭下小学

Contribution Total: ¥2596 ($396.94 USD)

Figure 3: printer and ink

Donation to Tang Li Elementary School 汪村塘里小学 in Jiangxi

Contribution Total: ¥4350 ($661.45 USD)

Figure 4&5: printer and color photocopier

Future Plans

Below are EFA’s future revenue and expenditure plans. Note that these are ideas that we may implement, which rely entirely on circumstantial factors.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

EFA has secured sponsorship contracts of up to $1000 USD per year. While this may not be a large current income source, we hope to secure larger sponsorships in the future as our operation grows.

Paid Branches

We plan to monetize part of our English education operations by September 2021 at the latest. Branches will be located in tutoring centers within affluent communities in cities. 

Financial Documents

We aim to be completely transparent with our monetary operations. Our balance sheet is available for public viewing.